Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Conversations In The Mighty F150

Zac- Dad, can we get a parrot?
Me- Oh, I don't know man. Zac- that is a big deal. A big responsibility and they're expensive.
Like how much?
I think around a thousand dollars at least.
Oh, are they hard to take care of?
Well, I am sure it takes some work but they're a big responsibility for one thing because they live so long.
How long?
80 or 100 years.
If we got one would you help me take care of it dad?
It would live a lot longer than me bubba.
How much longer will you live?
I don't know- maybe 30 more years. was my reply.
After a few minutes FG chimed in with, What!? I'll only be 58! 
Me- Your mastery of  math is impressive.
She- You will only live to be 79?
If I'm lucky- somewhere in that neighborhood anyway. I have the genetics to live into my eighties so yeah- something like that I suppose.
Huh... Hmmm. she replied thoughtfully.
What will you do then? I asked.
Start over again I suppose. was her poetic and simple response.

1 comment:

The Donald said...

You could tell him that having a parrot would consign him to a life of piracy, or not growing past 5'4" and having a $15 million civil judgment against him, or forever playing 'Let's Get Drunk and Screw' to meadows full of drunken grandparents and soccer parents.

Maybe if he'd had this idea 40 years ago, he could have hooked up with Joan Embery, but still.

Of course, he may already have passed the 5'4" mark.