Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • Of all the ill advised tattoos a woman could get the giant angel wings on the back is probably the most ridiculous.
  • I have and always have had 2 red freckles on my chest. I assume they're tiny hemangiomas but I'm not sure.
  • Recently I read a nutrition article written about it's importance in regards to hiking. The tips provided were from a well known hiker who has documented hiking over 50 thousand miles and regularly hikes for weeks to months at a time. There was quite a bit to learn especially his reliance on beans (he ate 120 pounds worth on one epic multi month hike) but what really stood out to me was his weight maintenance. His weight was reported to stay with 2-3 pounds regardless of his activity. I can lose 2-3 pounds or even 7 in a single day when it is hot and I'm really active.
  • Flattering and slightly unnerving: recently a patient reacted with surprise to my meager Arabic vocabulary and language skills by saying, My friend! You speak Arabic?! and with an Iraqi accent!
  • Regardless, he is easily impressed and should get out more often.
  • I just submitted an REI order. When the cart was first built up it contained 13 items.
  • To help me save money I focus less on the high I get from spending and focus on the negative aspects- how bummed I'll be for wasting the money, fear of not having said cash for actual needs etc. Then when I overcome the urge to spend, make good deals and get more of what I need and less of what I want I feel really, really good about that.
  • Jedi inner mind tricks.
    Drawing made in 1877 by a Kiowa Indian of a battle


Katy Anders said...

Yeah, angel wings would be embarrassing. Not like my back tattoo. Thank God I don't have stupid angel wings covering up the name of my old pet tarantula.

I can curse in Urdu, and for some reason, it always really confuses people.

The Donald said...

For many years, my weight was very constant between 208-212. Around 2009, I decided I wanted my target weight to be 192. Figuring it would be best to get ahead of the curve, I made some [mostly] minor diet changes - mostly portion control - and for the past couple or more years have been right around 184.

I keep procrastinating on getting a tattoo.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Kates- My last GF had her dead cats name tattoed on her- a pet tarantula is way cooler. I try to learn greetings and simple instructions in the languages of the people I deal with. I tried Urdu- more like Impossibledu.

Donald- Funny how that works- eat less and move more and those unwanted pounds just melt away.
My last tattoo idea involved a now ex wife. I thought I dodged bullets in Iraq...