Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fort Richardson Days

Are nearly over for this year. My ears are still ringing from being too near a Napoleon 12 pounder when it fired.

I mean literally ringing, as in I can't hear anything and my head hurts.

If Napoleon were my friend I would have teased him about being a 12 pounder (based on his size- get it?). Ha! He would just laugh and laugh.

Then he would probably have had my head chopped off.


RPM said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of tinnitus. It will be your constant companion for life. I have mine from a Mk51 5" gun mount in 1978.

The Donald said...

As I understand it, the long-running assumption of NB as a runt may be mis-guided, due to differences in measuring systems. I think that the current view is that he was of average height for his time.

But, compared to us, of course, he was a midget. ;-)