Thursday, April 23, 2015

For Thursday's Thoughts: Ages Old Draft Clean Up With New Pics

Peaster's new state of the art pumper truck

My latest home improvement project

Dead fish being dead

Random promotional car in Weatherford America

Dead lady in the back being creepy

Hula lady on the dash being hulistic

Dog left in car at library says, Whats up?
When I take pictures of people taking pictures in the park I'm not being creepy- I'm a keen observer  and chronicler of the human condition.

Something I picked up from the ground.

There are at least 5 beavers living in Holland Lake. This is their handiwork (or footiwork  you ole hairsplitter you).

These are their tracks.

Random lady fishing.

The bank look dry but it was just a crust. Underneath was a slimy clay that was like greased glass. I slid 3-4 feet down the bank and had given myself up for definitely wet and possibly drowned and had even prepared to chunk my camera back toward the bank to save it from a watery grave when I caught myself. Here is the evidence of the aftermath

  • Saw Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich on a stage together once. I couldn't tell you under what auspices for the life of me but, all I could think was, What a contrast- the best and worst in public service. The best and worst in humanity...
  • What happens to a lot of us when we get behind the wheel? I mean really, it's not a competition.
  • A news article title: "This woman is ready for hurricane season"
  • Me too- I live hours away from where one could hurt me and my family.
  • An unexpected headline: Montana town offers to take Gitmo prisoners.
  • They had built a 27 million dollar jail to cage people for money.
  • Which subsequently stood empty for 2 years after completion.
  • What is wrong with us? Did we all get dropped on our heads and the fact of said dropping is the biggest cover-up in history?
  • My nephew is here. I almost adopted him when he was little- then the inbred side of the family took him back. When he wasn't little anymore and more of a handful- they were all about having me take him back. Still would if I could.
  • Maybe should.
  • You should have seen it though- sheriffs deputies, the whole bit on the day they took him and his sister back. I can still see those people across the street being careful to not be on my property. There were 6 of them and between them there were maybe 36 teeth, at least 1800 hundred pounds, 4 tube tops and 8 flip flops. I'm pretty sure the other 2 were barefoot.
  • The deputies who responded to their call would have literally rather taken a beating than force me to turn over those children- and said as much to me. I do not know how many times they apologized and hinted with a lawyer I could possibly get a court order in our favor.
  • One with tears in his eyes said, You take your time.
  • I really doubt there as been many situations they would have less rather been in the middle of than that one in their careers.
  • What I mean is how many hopeless situations have they been in, how many difficult situations have they had to solve? And here you have a situation that was already corrected to the benefit of the children and he has to physically remove the children from a nice, stable home, with loving caregivers and turn them over to the cast of The Hills Have Eyes?
  • They still suffer from asthma from the cigarette smoke and filth to which they were constantly exposed.
  • My daughter is already bored- I need someone to play with! What can I do? There's nothing to do here!
  • Going to be a long summer.
  • For both of us.
  • If above seems out of place- it was from a very old draft clean up day. The last I knew the aforementioned nephew was in the county jail.

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Katy Anders said...

The pumper truck is amazing.

I work in a law office that does a lot of family law. After doing it for a while, I have to say that being a Family Law judge would have to be one of theb worst gigs around. In so many cases, nobody involves deserves to be left within a mile of a child. In a lot of the other cases, the person with superior rights is not the best choice.

It's a little surprising that all these kids don't end up in jail.