Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday's Missives

A dry stack stone wall on Fort Richardson. I don't know if it is original to the post, from a ranch or from the CCC but it is as stable as solid concrete.
  • My new stove is on the way from REI. I had wanted it for forever but couldn't/wouldn't spend the money. A 50 dollar gift card eased the pain enough I made the plunge. It would be cool even if it wasn't made in Murica!.
  • Next up will be some new cookware, headlamp and Kelty TraiLogic pack.
    Kicking bird was one of my favorite Plains Indians. Mostly because as an onde he did not take crap off anybody but he was also pragmatic and smart enough to know whitey wasn't going anywhere and the Kiowa needed to learn to work with them and he did the best he could...
  • My understanding is all the performers who do the halftime show on the Superbowl lip sync. but Lenny Kravitz is basically playing air guitar as I write this. Good grief Lenny- tell 'em no next time baby.

  • ProFlowers is inundating me with Valentine's Day offers. The last time I used them they overcharged me by I think it was 30 bucks then offered me a 20 dollar discount on my next purchase as recompense. Fool me once...
  • Today (02/06/2015) I got off early. I went to the bank and then slept. Also, I shaved my beard off so I accomplished that I guess.
    Aside from our rare (these days) rains this is as close as these boats will ever be to water.
  • Recently woman formerly known as wife offered to switch weekends with me for our children so FG and I could plan something for Valentine's Day- not wrong or bad but it made me feel slightly weird.
    Gear guy pro tip: Want a 3 in 1 parka but don't want to shell out 2-300 bucks? Get a breathable shell a thick fleece and  a light one. Put the light one on first then the heavy one and finally the rain shell and voila! 
  • 02/07/2015 and I have an update to my new stove. It arrived yesterday during my nap. Holy smokes it is lighter- in the shipping packaging than my old stove is by itself!
    Found on the parade ground at Fort Richardson after the reenactment.


Katy Anders said...

I wonder what that bird did to make someone angry enough to kick it.

el chupacabra said...

It was probably bad. He had an aura of, 'I had it coming to me...'