Friday, October 2, 2015

More Stories From The Waiting Room

    • I have been getting weird grins and winks from passers by. It took a while but it finally registered- I am watching a hot pink Victoria's Secret bag and the elderly lady next to me is knitting a blue and pink blanket as we sit dangerously close to a labor and delivery waiting room. Good grief- they think I'm waiting on a baby.
    • If true... crap, I have nothing clever to say. I got nothin'. Man, if I were having a baby I would be nearly 70 by the time he started college. 
    • If I lived that long.
    • The guy sitting 11 inches away from me is waiting to go in and see his brand new twin boys.
    • Boy they have one blended family.
    • He is happy and seems really nice.
    • The husband of the lady next to me is named Adam. She has twins and doesn't want anymore children. Also, Seth was humongous and had a lot of dark hair.
    • My back hurts.
    •  There is a show about gangs on Spike. It is heinous.
    • A mob of people just screamed out and clapped when their person here for a baby delivered.
    • It is a girl evidentally.
    • Good luck little one and welcome to the world. I'm sorry we screwed it up so hard for you.

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