Friday, October 2, 2015

Stories From From The Waiting Room The Saga Continues

  • The surgeon looks like an older Moby.
  • Overheard from the seats next to me, I remember when burgers was three for a dollar!
  • Mmmmmm burgers...
  • That show Gangland is still on. The interest other than maybe a passing one in that show baffles me. 
  • A burger sounds really, really good.
  • We have been moved up to a room. It is on a postpartum floor. They say is because post op census is low.
  • I say, What am I not being told?
  • Room is very nice. The floor is a wood type product and the cabinets are a warm honey colored laminate. Interestingly, instead of the old neck breaker recliner/sleeper there is a Murphy bed.
  • It is very homey, homie.

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