Friday, October 2, 2015

Hospital Waiting Room Story

  • I try not to be too critical of other healthcare workers but talking way too loud on a cel phone about your dumb personal business as you walk through a hospital is at best as dumb and annoying as it is anywhere and probably a little unprofessional.
  • A thing here is for women to wear top to bottom black and have their hair dyed black.
  • An excerpt from a next blog foray: "In summation, Jesse was at Grahams cottage. Jesse died, but thanks to scientific research, Jesse was ressurected, and transformed into a moist tortilla. Jesse was then transformed into Hitler (somehow), while Graham flushed the remnants of the tortilla away.  Graham was then plowing the wall, while Zack starting feeding Jesse tortillas aggresively. Meanwhile, Bethany was staring suspiciously into Riley's basement. Meanwhile, Denholm was stomping Blakes kittens, to apologize for killing Riley. Bethany hopped down out of Riley's cellar, and witnessed the feline stomping, and was mortified..."
  • There is a Starbucks up in here. It is expensive. I assume no more so others but wouldn't really know as I haven't bought anything from one since the total for 2 coffees 10-15 years ago made me simultaneously have a stroke and myocardial infarction. 
  • Their coffee is bitter- what is the appeal? People do like knowing that other know they go there so there is that I suppose.
  • A guy just changed the television to a football station. There are 3 people on there talking about football. Retarded.
  • They made sure to have a white guy, a black guy and a black lady. Ridiculous.
  • I could watch those NFL Films products from the 1960s on a loop.
  • Hospital waiting room furniture is scientifically designed to be uncomfortable. Look it up- it is on the internets under, The Science.
  • A pregnant crackhead just staggered by.
  • Just came out juts up there first.

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