Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here Is To A Great New Year And A Satisfying Rest Of Our Lives

Really, even if I don't know you at all I wish you the best. We're all in this together.
FG is in her room sleeping. She asked earlier, Will you kiss me at midnight?
What do you think- should I? I could get girl cooties.
I may have found a truck. The guy has had it since it was 1 one year old which is often better than buying it from the original owner- they aren't expecting you to pay for the privilege of saying, I bought it from the original owner!  
Zac is asleep in front of a fire he built. Did I mention he is 6?
Chloe just watched the ball drop for the first time ever.
We had very decent fajitas at Playa Maya and then played with the Light Flight flying disc in the park.
It has been a perfect day and evening.
Maybe we will have a perfect year.
Goodnight world wherever you are.
I love you in spite of yourself.

1 comment:

The Donald said...

YGBSM - You kissed FG at midnight, surely.

Daughter and I opened a bottle of sparkling apple cider, texted HNY to her mother and brothers, then went back to watching Fletch, followed by Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. We heard lots of fireworks, but apparently all firecrackers, no aerial shows.