Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nutcracker 2013

  • We saw The Nutcracker today (12/21/2013) . We almost didn't make it on time to the Bass. I literally gave up and said, We're not going to make it. Do you want to do something else? Then I realized we could cut around the side roads and have a chance so I punched it and said, Hold on.  We sat down down 1 minute before curtain.
  • I went in my jeans, Henley and hiking boots as the weather was so nasty when we left. The lady next to me at first thought me a rube, then a soul mate when she realized I not only understood what was going on- I've lost count of the number of times I've seen the Nutcracker. She used terms like complex, technical and omigosh- organic when we spoke during and after intermission. She has seen it 3 times this year- of course once was New York.
  • But of course dahling.
  • What a sweet little lady though. I'll never forget her.
  • Bass Hall is beautiful. It is literally perfect.

  • There are not words for the sets production quality. It was breathtaking.
  • A lawyer behind us bought up the whole row for his family so poor people vapors wouldn't get on him and his snowflakes.
  • Yep- behind me.
  • We'll never be here again- what I told FG.
  • I couldn't find the right nutcracker for my office so I passed. The good ones in the gift shop were 40 bucks and up but I would have bought the right one.
  • Every moment is a gift. What an incredible gift we have. If you're reading this- I hope you realize that before it is too late.
  • Blue cheese burger, fried green beans with wasabi sauce and sweet potato fries were on the menu afterwards. We destroyed ourselves.
  • There is a Mark Twain statue on a bench overlooking the Trinity in Trinity Park . We took our pictures with him. FG's whole demeanor changed sitting by him- she absolutely sensed that she was touching him somehow- I love that about her.
  • There were a ridiculous number of birds in and around the river..
  • Peace on earth is a bit much but I have goodwill toward most.

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