Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

Zac feeding Muskovie ducks at Holland Lake.

This is a well designed and built drain for the lake that will eventually get overwhelmed as they don't clean it enough. Also, it would be much less of an issue if trees were aggressively cut back upstream.

  • A headline earlier said to the effect, ________  ____________ set designer for ______________ show announces he's gay! I feel sorry for people like that not because they're homosexual but because nobody cares.  And anyway- it was a surprise to who? And again- Nobody. Cares.
  •  Waffles were never on my menu until way into my adult life but rest assured I have made up for lost waffleness with abandon.
  • After a sale price, gift card , free shipping and selling a friend my old one, my new watch came out so cheap I couldn't afford to not buy it.
    I like Fuzzy's. I like the fact that their cups are well made and highly reusable but man, you can't go anywhere around here that you don't see one in the water or beside a trail etc.

    The finished product of FGs sanding and staining efforts. It has evened out and looks much better in real life.
  • I would be shocked- blown away if North Korea doesn't act up after seeing the way the Iranians handed us our rear ends in their nuke deal with the West.
  • A blurb I read earlier about a survey reported that the trend is now for women to let their private parts get bushier. It was based partly apparently on what women had been told by their male partners that a bushier," more natural " look was their preference . As the representative of the male sex I can confidently say there is not a chance that is true- Not. A. Chance. Part of the problem comes from the source-  guys asked by a woman about his preference for anything is going to tell the woman what he thinks she wants to hear 100% of the time- not the truth. Also, the study came out of the UK. 
  • Some jokes write themselves.

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The Donald said...

• I'd be proud to hunt Muscovy with an Okie.

• There was some AOL or HuffPo list yesterday about well-known people that 'surprised' when they came out. The list included Adam Lambert and - I am not making this up - Nathan Lane. For realz. Sheesh, who would be surprised by that?

• I'm, uh, no Roger Cook (from This Old House), but I'd agree that zero foliage is not a good landscaping scheme. Not much the fan of starkly sculpted topiary, but a light ground cover, like a jasmine, creates a pleasant effect, so long as it doesn't dominate the acreage in question.