Saturday, December 14, 2013

The First Day Of Christmas...

  • The season's first Christmas party I attended last night was great- simply great, a few people in a fine home, awesome food, a bunch of guns and a lot of dead stuff on the walls. The guys spit, drank and watched the NFR. The women drank womenly drinks (except for one- she drank moonshine) and played some very busy and complicated looking domino game. The women filmed themselves  twerking in front of the Xmas tree with a bunch of teenage girls.  There was an old dog to pet and a fireplace on the back porch- it may have been a perfect evening.
  • I was up 'til after 3 AM. Honestly, I'm not even sure the last time that happened.
  • We drove moonshine lady home. She only acquiesced to the assistance after telling her she could park the car once we got to her place. It took her longer for her to stuff the car in the driveway than it did for us to get her home. I hope she didn't leave again after we split but you can only do so much for people.
  • She was the typical drunk- really funny at first, then the bit wears thin but I am glad she had a good time. 
  • If the ceiling in their house wasn't 16 feet- it was 18. The home is literally nearly perfect. They killed themselves to make it happen. It is easy to be happy for them and respect what they have.
  • I'm still not sure what twerking is- they banned us from coming into the living room but they were howling with laughter and screaming and stuff was getting knocked over. The cat ran out of the room like he feared for his life.
  • We had enchiladas and the best salsa I have ever had along with some very passable pico de guyo.
  • Kev, I think you got the best one of the bunch!: another party goers estimation of FG when comparing spouses and significant others.
  • FG and I drank Dr Peppers and H2o.
  • The host-dude has an antler on display which is the only remnant he has of the buck as he actually shot the horn off the animal. He said, He dropped in his tracks like he had died of a heart attack. He hit the ground like a sack of rotten potatoes. I thought I had brain-shot 'im. When I went to round 'im up he started coming around. He staggered around and groaned and then took off at a dead run. He saw the antler on the ground and figured what happened as the event transpired. He was asked why he didn't shoot again to take the buck down. I knew the answer before he spoke- it would have been wrong. The deer deserved to live after that close call.
  • I can't wait to hear the story though, when that deer catches up to him and shanks him in the neck with that remaining horn.
  • Yes- deer have long memories and are very vengeful.
    Not our party

    Not his one either


The Donald said...

I attended company Christmas parties three nights in a row this week. The first was in a sports/arcade bar, about 27 attendees. First drink provided, catered meal.

Second was my department's party, at my boss's home - about twenty or so. Wine & beer served, plus shots. Buffet in kitchen.

Third was the whole company party, nearly 500 people at a "very large venue". 2 drink coupons. Catered dinner.

All were fun, but it's nice to be home for the evening tonight.

I agree with the dude's reasoning in letting the deer go.

el chupacabra said...

I knew you would get it