Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Although I think the tendency dissipates with age it isn't uncommon when we love somebody intensely to not be able to recall what the person looks like if they're not right in front of us. Why is that true? 
  • A not very nice person in an associated clinic at work is leaving and is going around and engaging in pleasantries and fishing for well wishes. In her mind she is undoing all the nasty things she has done and leaving others with a better opinion of her. That isn't how it works. If we think or speak of her at all after she leaves it will be to recount how nasty she was and what a lame attempt she made at improving her legacy but in reality she will hardly ever cross anybodies mind in the first place and it will be even more rare that we speak of her.
    Self checkout bum station
  •  I can't get these bullets to move closer together. If I try they disappear altogether and to get the bullet to show in the first place I have to delete the period from the last sentence of the previous thought and then tap it in again and then hit enter.
    Another sweet project vehicle. Don't worry champ- that'll buff right out.
  • My arm is sore from my flu shot yesterday (09/26/2013). The dummy who gave it to me put herself in an awkward position causing her to place and consequently withdraw the needle at an odd angle. 
  •  I just read that various US government agencies have spent 5 million dollars on drones for use in the US. Impossible. If they haven't spent 4-5 times that they haven't spent a nickel and I wouldn't be surprised if the figure isn't closer to 10 times that amount.

  •  "All we have to do is tell the Chinese that eating Buffalo dong makes your wiener bigger and they'll be gone in six months."   

  •  The above was from a comments section about the wild European bison- the commenter is exactly right.

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