Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

My great grandparents on my mothers side.

  • Three things that are incredibly dangerous to do alone that I've done and would never do again but would not trade the experiences for anything: SCUBA diving, camping and duck hunting. The first and last are really pretty much BIG no-nos to do alone and that's what makes them so great solo. Not that it's taboo- it's just you never go duck hunting by yourself so the first time everybody bails on you and you decide you're going no matter what, you can't believe how everything pops out at you. The colors, the sounds (or near lack thereof), the solitude, the fact in the back of your mind you know, one wrong move and these waders will drown me in about a minute...

  • Roundtree And York sweater and Underdog pajama pants.

  • What I'm wearing.

  • Teryiaki Noodles

  • What I'm eating.

  • I stumbled across a video of Zachary eating a crayfish when he was about two and a half or so. Is it child abouse to let them do something I wouldn't do- on a dare?

  • He loves grilled shrimp and so do I, so it's surprising since I have a minor in grillology I've never grilled a shrimp in my life.


Katy Anders said...

You'd never eat a crayfish?

I never realized how hard it is for me to say "crayfish" until just now. I don't think I could say it out loud. I'd automatically go to "crawfish" and no amount of work seems likely to change that.

I probably don't have a future career as a spy, then. Or in the witness protection program. Or anything where I have to pretend NOT to be a Texan.

The Donald said...

Your great grandparents appear to be hardy folks of stern visage.

Wonder what the folks at Frank Pillsbury would say if you wanted to look at some stern visage boats?

No kidding about the waders. As a kiddo, I was fishing on the Verdigris with my Grandfather, when I stepped into a hole, or off a ledge or something, and those waders started to pull me down in a hurry. The quick actions of his fishing buddy Fred Franks yanked me out of that tight scrape.

No crawdads? Whatsamattayou? While I caught loads of them in the creek/drainage behind our house as a kid, I have to confess to being about 40 before I actually ate the mudbugs. Though more likely to eat prawn or shrimp, they ain't nothin' wrong with crayfish.