Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

This is a shark skin glove that contains thousands of small synthetic thorns and costs nearly a 1000 dollars so yes- it is retarded.

  • Decisions, decisions on the E Reader dilemma.
  • An old friend's wife was smart, funny, kind, interesting , had a great body and took really good care of herself. She also had a face that would stop a clock. Getting to know her well and see how positively people responded to her caused me to rethink a lot of my beliefs about looks and what the persons inner self really means.
  • "In 1945 the Nazis left earth for the moon- in 2018 they come back." And this time, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy.
  • I slipped the last part in the description, but simply cannot wait for Iron Sky to be released.
    Tarzan- uh, what are you thinking man? Anyway, you need to quit it.
  • People have debated whether cruise ships should make call in Haiti- when there's so much suffering in Port Au Prince. This kind of thinking isn't rational or reasonable. It is odd though- will give it that much. People make their living off the liners that make calls there, people that come ashore spend money, the vessels bring food, water and medicines (lots of each) and of course the cruise lines are giving gazillions of dollars to relief organizations.
  • The above from an old draft- Iron Sky was terrible and I have decided on a convertible notebook/tablet and will order it soon-ish.
  • There is still nothing in this world quite like a snow day is there?
  • I still always want to call Edward Snowden Eric or Edwin.
  • Malagasy was offered as an alternative to, " always " above as I misspelled it so horrifically.
  • I think apart from being awful and oppressive, our government engaged in it's massive spying operation(s) on us because they can. They're so ineffectual at any kind of overseas operations that might actually do some good they engage in what can actually do well and with impunity here.
  • If you don't know with all your heart the .gov healthcare site will get hacked and information misused for commercial, scamming and yes, political purposes you're crazy.
    Found in the garbage in Kingwood Texas

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