Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday's Missives

  • If you wonder why Rush Limbaugh is such a big deal it would help to understand the context in which he got big in the first place. For 30-50 years broadcast news readers could and would say whatever they wanted to disparage a conservative and/or promote a more liberal agenda regardless of what they were discussing. We just didn't hear anything from a conservative standpoint without really digging and looking. President Reagan could be at a Girl Scouts meeting and say to the crowd, I am an animal lover who believes in  helping poor people but the best way to help is to have a good economy so those who want to work can do so as a rising tide raises all the ships.  I also believe in a strong military to protect us and our interests. Dan Rather or Peter Jennings would come out and say, President Reagan while raping a goat at a Ku Klux Klan gathering said if it was up to him any poor people who don't want to work would be forced into the ocean by the US Army. Honestly, you would not believe how bad it was if you didn't live then or dig for the truth a little yourself..
  • The Marines have been ordered to change their cover (uniform hat) for the dress uniform. Some people have attempted to be pejorative and start a false argument over the proposed replacement by saying they look too, "girly". I don't know about that but they do look literally ridiculous.

  • I may be be the only person in some of my patients lives who has ever asked them about their future and really encouraged them to attend college.
  • For a while SYFY has been promising a lot of good, original CGI movies. There are a lot I suppose and they may be original and yes, they have CGI effects...
    FG: This was my granddads.
    Me: Cool.
    FG: I bet it was expensive.
    Me: Yeah, well its priceless to you. It reminds you of him and it was his- that is cool.
    FG: I bet it cost at least 500 bucks. I mean look at all its got going on- a compass, fishing gear and sharpening stone!.
    Me Yeah.
    FG: What do you mean- yeah? OK. But it was at least 100 bucks right?
    Me: No, probably about ten dollars.
    FG: You don't know anything.

    Blackcomb Mongoose. Bombproof (but heavy) frame and excellent components. They didn't catch on with serious mountain bikers so you can find them like new on CL often for about 150 bucks.


The Donald said...

Maybe if FG can trace gramp's knife's provenance to Jimmy Lile or somesuch...but otherwise, your assessment is probably about right.

As regards bladed instruments, I tend toward the drop-point hunter style, but I would dig having an antler-handled damascus blade general purpose sheath knife, that I would wear proudly on my hip, while I stride (not mosey) through the town square (more like Taos than Southlake) wearing knee-high mocs with coyote fur at the tops. Used to know a Western artist (his works sold in the tens of thousands of dollars) who sometimes wore boots, sometimes mocs, who wore a similar such knife. He lived the last 30-40 years of his life, literally living in a tepee or goatherder's wagon. In early '91, he moved into Taos into a 'normal' residence. After a month, he and his woman moved back to the countryside.

el chupacabra said...

Hey Don- I do not doubt the call of the wild your friend experienced and I absolutely love Damascus steel.

My mom and dad bemoaned the day they moved back to town on/off for the rest of their days. I moved to the country for economic reasons- I found a place with a house I couldn't have had in town for twice the money while I was in school. The idea was to build on it later when I graduated or buy a bigger place further out when my place went up in value as people moved out that way and do the same.
The best laid plans...