Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

                                                                       Container of strawberries from my fridge. Really- no joke.

  • Psycho girlfriend.
  • Somebody I have to interact with occasionally has breath that smells like poo- literally and I don't know how to tell them. I have talked to total strangers about suspicious moles and once showed a child and mother who were total strangers how to properly use his crutches but, how do you tell someone they might have something wrong with them because their breath smells like doo-doo?
  • There's a couple of things people who know me at least fairly well often believe about me- that are simply not true.
  • On a related note, more than one person who has known me has suggested I should be a computer programmer. You would love it and be great at it! programmers have said more than once. I would rather eat dirt sandwiches for a living as a taste tester. Simply could not stand doing that and interestingly, have tried to learn a little more about it and cannot grasp the concepts in the first place.
  • Today 12/23/09 at lunch I tipped a girl more than my meal cost.
  • I use vinegar and baking soda a lot to clean things in the house.
  • But, not together- no not good.
  • You know you are or may have been a soldier at one time if your children play with things that once belonged to dead bad guys.


Katy Anders said...

There's no good way to tell someone that. I think you just have to decide whether putting up with it is worse than the momentary discomfort of saying something.

Happy New Year!

RPM said...

Offer them a mint or gum. When they refuse, insist they take a mint. When they say no thanks again, tell them "I'm really trying to find a polite way to tell you your breath stinks without hurting your feelings. Now have a mint!"

I've had to do this before and it works. It conveys your personal concern and desire not to hurt their feelings. Sometimes you just have to yank the band-aid to avoid the most pain.

The Donald said...

The Psycho GF reminds me of the saying about much of the worlds problems being based not on what we don't know, but what we think we know that isn't true.

I suppose I'm a slow learner, but I'm continually surprised to watch seemingly intelligent people of integrity putz around and miss seeing plain truth that would be obvious to Stevie Wonder & Ronnie Milsap.