Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

No, not my children nor my dog, but if he had the chance to get on film ruining a family pic while taking a growler- rest assured, he wouldn't hesitate.

  • A contractor on the house next door was thinking about stealing my kids heeler when he was looking around the site this morning. He was looking around with the dog sitting there beside him with that I'm looking around to try and steal something without looking like I'm about to steal something look on his face. The dead giveaway? When I called the dog he looked up with that, I have totally just been busted and did not see that dude standing there look on his face and put his head down and started shuffling a piece of mud on the driveway like it was the most interesting thing in the world.
  • Tssk tssk- for shame for shame, but let me assure you buddy, that little embarrassment was way better than you'd got if I'd caught you stealing my kids dog. No, that would not have gone well for you I'm afraid. I would have hurt him.
  • And I don't even like the thing.
  • Sweet dreams cutie pattootie- the last text message I received.
  • The above from an ages old raft.
  • FG just took off into the wild blue yonder. She'll be gone 4 days- the longest we've been apart in a year.
  • People sometimes like to argue about what it would have been like to see Muhammed Ali fight Mike Tyson- each in their prime. It is hard for me to engage in that kind of argument, not because I don't like boxing or find the idea not interesting, it jut seems such a no brainer to me- Tyson would have killed Ali. As in maybe, literally- beat Ali to death. Ali is such a legend people don't like to think of it that way but Ali's style if nothing else would have worked hard against him.
  • To be filed under OK whatever: there are approximately 50 thousand people in our world who call themselves Druids- a religion that literally hardly anything is known about  except for a few writings of people other than ancient Druids- some maybe not fans and many whose assessments came from secondhand hand knowledge.
  • How very cool- earlier I saw a ring made from gold, meteorite and dinosaur bone.


Opus #6 said...

I bet that guy sensed the threat. Guys like him can see the look in an old soldier's eye. They know….

The Donald said...

Cool ring...

RPM said...

Tyson would have killed Ali in under a minute. Not sure anyone ever hit Ali as hard as Tyson punched in his prime.