Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

Fancy hammered copper table at Copper Creek. It turned FGs hands green.

  • I just (11/29/2013) left the On The Run Store at Martin Drive and Main in Weatherford. The car wash  wouldn't take the code from the  wash I bought a couple of days ago when I bought gasoline . I should have known there was going to be trouble when the wash monkey said, Are you sure neither one of you used it? After he backed everybody up  behind me so I could get out of the wash line I went inside where the cashier said, I can't just give you one. I'll have to talk to Sam about this. (insert face palm) . After literally 10 minutes of her going back and forth between me and his office with inane questions Sam finally came out and looking down his nose at me said, Yes, sir?! in that smug way that is designed to establish who is boss and let you know if you get your way it is only out of his good graces. He asked where the receipt was that was printed by the machine when the transaction failed. He literally rolled his eyes and shook his head when I told him the wash guy took it. He then slovenly plodded toward the wash area expecting me to follow. To make a long story short I didn't have time for that and if he thought I was trying to beat him out of the 6 bucks he makes on the cheap car wash he is giving me a lot of credit setting him up for that kill as I go in there at least twice a week not including outside gasoline transactions and have been doing so for years. He knows my face. Anyway- weird, he was worried about getting beat out of a few bucks and neither I nor FG will ever go back there again- literally never. He is famously cheap but he lost at least 300 dollars of business a month quibbling over a wash that might have cost a dollar (his cost) . I can't figure people out sometimes.
  • Wow, it is beautiful outside. It is literally perfect. There is a breeze that swishes the leaves and the temp. is about 60 degrees. It couldn't be any more perfect.
    I love compasses- from the old time type to most modern electronic and own a few versions of each. Ships captains in the days of old might not carry anything off their ship at ports or in emergencies but their charts and instruments but they would not be separated from them. This is actually called a lifeboat compass. It may not have been a perfect instrument but it was protected well enough to be as reliable as it was when it was  made so it would be useful in an emergency.
  • Another related thought to the first bullet: a store that treats you well enough when things are going their way- that doesn't mean much. Why wouldn't they treat you well ? You're handing them money. You find out about your relationship to them when they have a chance to make something right they have screwed up.
  • To be filed under it had to happen somewhere sooner or later: a Japanese man has sued a hospital after a mix up in the nursery 60 years ago caused him to be raised in poverty instead of  by his wealthy birth parents.
    How did we let this crazy punk capture our imagination so? Forty years on and we still let him scare us and he is in the news at least once a month.
  • In the big picture I am not sure how DFW compares to other airports but I always get in and out very easily when picking somebody up and find it easy to navigate once inside when departing/arriving for flights but I am also always super unsure about where I am going in there until I get to the gate.
  • I am never sure how to use someone or somebody in a sentence.


RPM said...

On The Run is a franchise. I'd call the corporate HQ and raise holy hell with the regional manager over the way you were treated. The last thing corporate wants is a franchisee ruining their brand. You would be surprised how hard corporate will come down on a franchisee over a complaint like yours. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't get a phone call from Sam begging your forgiveness and to retract the complaint. But if you don't call, nothing will happen.

el chupacabra said...

Whoa- really had not considered doing that. Wouldn't go back on a bet but yeah- will at least call- I have still the date and all. Thanks chief.