Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Stabbing Westward- What Do I Have To Do?
  • I have been wanting a down jacket for our cold weather adventures. I didn't know until I started my research they are sometimes called, "puffer jackets". Uh, not in this lifetime, nor the next.
  • The Discovery Channel documentary North America is great- literally beautiful.
  • Buzz Feed can be pretty entertaining and their videos funny and interesting but I rarely watch one of them about science or history or those, Did you know... kind of things that don't contain factual errors.
  • A management type where I work routinely mispronounces words and misuses expressions in meetings. My kinder, gentler side says I should say something about it to help them better themselves. My self preservational/non confrontational is almost always better side says, Keep your big, fat pie hole shut Kev.
  • Track hoes, also called excavators are my favorite type of heavy equipment. They are dirt cheap to operate and since they can dredge, pull stumps, shape slopes, act as cranes, do demolition among a ton of other things are easily the most versatile piece of equipment you can buy. In the video an operator shows how to correctly test an excavator for operability.
  • Operability isn't a word?! That is odd.
  • Well, it is now.
  • On SNL just now I just heard Collin Quinn mispronounce Antigua.
  • Thank you so much while maybe not quite as annoying as, Thank you- thank you was back in the 90s is still pretty nerve wracking.


The Donald said...

Years ago I had a compliance officer - the kind of person who pesters the heck out of you, making you get 47 pages of legalese for an agreement that could be written on a napkin - who bugged the fire out of me by frequently saying something "runs the gambit".

I finally had to tell her that the term is gamut - gambit is a ploy, as in an opening move in chess.

Wish I had about a hundred acres and some grown-up Tonka toys. Or maybe ten acres on a ridge off of Hwy 4 between Palo Pinto and Santo. I'd buy the Big Buddy-L equipment from that dealer just west of Springtown.

Oh, and it's Colin - not Collin - Quinn. Wonder if he's related to the medicine chick doc?

The Donald said...

That Cat looks like new despite nearly 9000 hours on the Hobbs meter.

Heck, if I got my 10 acres somewhere, I'd probably be tickled just to run around in a Bobcat (after using the trackhoe to excavate for the buried shipping container bunkers...).