Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Missives

Get over yourselves Godless dudes and dudettes.

  • An old acquaintance was on my mind like white on rice the other night and spite of the fact I'd only talked to him once in ten years and never ever on the phone while I was thinking of him- he called. He got my number from a mutual acquaintance who is my best friend.
  • Here's my number call me and we'll go out. You'll love it- I'm a blast to be around and you won't want to miss the way I kiss. Oh yeah? she says.  Believe it I say,  It's like a spring thunderstorm- you'll see lightning flashes and feel the ground move like it's thundering right over us.
  • She giggled.
  • Whoa- those 2 thoughts are from some old draft! I have been with FG for over a year now. Don't tell her about that second bullet point- OK? That is the kind of stuff I used to pull but I'm a reformed, good boy now.
    I am always very sure people who like this slogan have no idea of it's origins. The Mexican government out of the kindness of it's heart loaned a cannon to some Texicans in Gonzales colony (who knew it was a loaner cannon ) to protect against Indians on the warpath. When the Mexican government wanted it back to keep it from being used against their troops this rallying cry was born.
  • Fewer homeless people hanging out in library- must be out of town for the holidays.
  • I just nearly have no patience for video games. They seem an incredibly sad waste of time.
  • The role unmanned aerial vehicles will soon play in our day to day lives honestly can't be imagined by most of us I think and definitely cannot be overstated. They may deliver wings and pizzas yes but they will monitor traffic, respond to disasters and gather weather data and this will all be sooner rather than later. The first real commercial use I foresee is in real estate- interested in a property? You'll be able to do a flyover with a click from a stored video and developers will use them for active scouting of properties. Yep, they'll be abused by cops and governments in general but I hope that doesn't hinder the good they can do for us.
  • I heard a comedian joke about Dave Matthews Band playing a festival, Sing Crash and let the next band have the stage! He is right. DM while not a one hit wonder (necessarily) is definitely an oddity. If there aren't a 1,000 more talented douchebags on college campuses in the US alone there are 10,000 but yeah- that song is pretty great in my book. Interestingly, I didn't know until 5 seconds ago there are multiple black guys in that band.
  • Zac is outside exploring our frozen, winter wonderland (12/06/2013). I wonder if he will remember this day 20 years from now?
    I do not know why this guy is standing in front of a trash truck holding a .50 cal rifle

    nor do I know why these little girls are chasing a bunch of baby skunks around.


The Donald said...

I think you're right about the UAVs. Even a few years ago, I knew a man who was doing aerial photography for companies that wanted photos of their campuses or whatnot. It's just going to be totally commonplace, whether that's a good thing or not.

If you have nearly no patience for vid games, I got none at all- couldn't even tell you what games are pre-loaded on my phone.

Katy Anders said...

I'm convinced we're losing a couple generations of males to video games. Most of the married women I know talk about how much time their husbands spend playing - some of them for up to 18 hours straight (?) on the weekend.

Lost time.

They're like heroin addicts without the cool stories or occasional works of art. These guys will have nothing to show for all of that time...

el chupacabra said...

Don- Whether they're a good thing or not... And in that vein the good they can do will be lost in the political crap storm stirred up by their rotors and the evil they do will be obscured by the same. Regardless- they're going to be a big deal.

Katy- I am totally using parts of your comment later. You're right- a lost generation. An associated Iraq flashback: guys would start playing on consoles and tv's they had shipped from the states on their down time and play all the way through to their next mission. So, basically by being ragged out from playing they were risking their lives as there is no way they sharp after 12 hours of pew pew pew...

Anonymous said...

On the picture of the little girls picking up baby skunks, I have the poster. It says,
"Mom! Come see the kittens!!"