Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday's Missives

I think I jacked this from the HOTR lady.

  • A surprise (I mean it) great cover of a great song- Uncle Kracker Drift Away. Dobie Gray who sang the most popular version is from Simonton Texas.
  • When I'm asked to cover a case and they say, You were requested by name I usually know it's going to be a tough patient or a very bad area (or both). Maybe I should be flattered, but sometimes I wish there was more of me to go around.
  • Some nurses feel threatened by the thought of going into the hood and staying with patients there. They aren't considering though: they're going in with a perceived sense of authority they won't have elsewhere- making the job so much easier. People there won't let anything happen to you- you're there to help and they know that if nothing else. Also, the good you'll do is difficult to over express. I will say though I had a big reality check once when I was asked to work a case in a bad area as the originally assigned nurse found out that a case manager came out to find a bullet hole in her car after a visit.
  • Another favorite Uncle Kracker song- Writing It Down.
    This picture has intrigued me for years and 'm not exactly sure why.
  • File under this could never happen to anyone else: recently I abraded my cornea. That could happen to anybody you say? A person could scratch their eye grinding metal at work, sawing firewood with a chainsaw... Let me finish then. While pulling off my shirt to get in scrubs for work the pointy part of my collar stabbed me in the eye.
  • It was agony.
  • The above is from an old draft.
  • Handel's Messiah was on our to do list last week and dutifully marked, done. It was OK- not even as good as last year but it was enjoyable. The cellist was inspired and the violinists competent. Two of the singers I discerned from the program were married but couldn't figure out who the husband was.
  • In another life I dated a girl who was a cellist for her cities orchestra. She would flex her arm back and using the forearm like the neck of a cello use her other hand to demonstrate finger techniques and notes. So, I was playing my solo and I was supposed to end with a flourish. Then there would be a couple of seconds of silence and then the piano would come in. Instead, as I was wrapping up he came in like he owned the place and totally stepped on me.! Can you believe that!? I found myself nodding, smiling and saying, Wow! That is cool. and Why is that? a lot when I thought I was supposed to do or say something when around her.
    Snowageddon 2013

    Magic Bullet did very well in the snowy wasteland.

    What you get when you're my FG and it is snack time on a snow day- wings in a nest of Texas garlic toast.

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The Donald said...

In another life I dated a girl who was a cellist for her cities orchestra.

Oh yeah? Wife was/is a violin teacher, so I, um, know about stuff like glissandos and such. Woo-hoo. And I got to learn about the composers 'cause back when she was in college, she didn't know how to type, so I typed her term papers.