Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Last night Zac and I saw Richard Shuster play some Gabriel Faure' compositions on the piano. Interestingly several of the cast from The Tempest which we saw a few weeks ago in the same theater sat directly behind us.

  • Overheard in the library spoken by the guy whose neck was covered in racist tattoos: Do ya'll have the Hobbit on audio book?

  • Recently I yawned in front of a patient. She said, Oh, you're tired aren't you? Yes a little bit. You didn't sleep well? No, I never do. Well maybe you should come home with me. I'd watch over you and let you sleep.

  • Thanks crazy lady.

  • Recently no one could put the name to the face of a patient for whom I was asking for some information- until I said, You know- he looks like a homeless Santa Claus.

  • Arlington Texas' own Cas Haley on America's Got Talent! Walking On The Moon

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