Friday, March 30, 2012

He Said She Said

The following is a true and correct transcript of conversations between me and my ex during our recent commuting adventure.

She: What's a good song from a girls point of view about breaking up and heartbreak etc.?

Me: After being tempted to say, Well essentially, all songs by females are about that and how all men are The Debil, I instead said, Well- you can try ______ or _______ and you know, there's that new one by Adele Somebody Like You or something like that, I only heard it once the other day, but I think that's what it's about- look it up on the yoochoobs.

A few days later...

Me: Did you look up that Adele song?

She: Didn't have to, I went to a concert and a girl performed it on an acoustic guitar between bands.

Me: Whoa, I bet that was pretty. What did you think?

She: I didn't finish it.

Me: Didn't finish?

She: No

Me: What do you mean?

She: I had to leave. I started crying.

Me: Hee-hee.

She: Shut up.

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The Donald said...

Truth is, not all women are the Debil, but the Debil is a woman.