Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

Adding insult to injury- this pooch has that market cornered.

  • I took off early yesterday since I worked late the night before and then I predictably crashed as soon as I got home, so now I'm wide awake at 430 in the morning.

  • Tuna and large glass of orange juice- it's what was just for breakfast.

  • After talking to a girl at work about the music I like she told me to put some of it on CD so she could give it a try.

  • Remember mix tapes?

  • A weird feeling: recently I spoke to somebody that all things being equal and in another time and place I could have been attracted to. She seemed OK enough and was nice and funny. The only things I did notice was she is very underemployed for her age and she was for lack of a better term, quirky. Another day I saw her wearing a Dora The Explorer backpack and thought, Well, she is quirky... It hit me later- she's highly functioning, but probably mentally retarded.

1 comment:

The Donald said...

...highly functioning, but probably mentally retarded.

A lot of people say that about me.

I think.