Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's Missives

    Jim Hippo Vaughn- a native son of Weatherford Texas

  • Zachary has at least ten nick names which are permutations of his name or perceived attributes of his personality. Although I try not to make a thing of it, I really don't like when someone uses one of them too soon for their position in our life.

  • When I was a young man I worked a summer at Twin Points Resort. It was one of the best times of my life. One of the stand out things I remember was the owner telling me when he signed the lease many years before he was at one point offered to be allowed to buy the property (30+ acres lake front on Eagle Mountain Lake) outright. As I recall, they quoted 100,000 dollars to him. He thought at the time it was too much. Yeah, he pretty much will die wishing for a do-over.

  • The time 11:11 keeps having recurring significance in my life.

  • A very simple thing I've always wanted to do, but oddly have not, is eat Lebanese food.

  • Something weird about me: if my back is bothering me unusually bad I cannot stand being in clothes and will at the very least strip down to my underwear.

  • Don't worry- only when I'm home.

  • Counting Crows- Big Yellow Taxi.

  • It's nap time. Thank you God for putting a 4 year old in my house.

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