Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday's Situation

  • The other day I set my nearly completely consumed bowl of oatmeal in my office sink with a little water so it wouldn't fossilize. A little while later I walked down the hall to the break room to wash it out so I wouldn't violate my policy of No Foodstuffs Down My Office Sink Drain. A clerk looked down at the bowl as I walked by and ask, What is that? Uh, it's leftover oatmeal- I'm going to wash it out in the break room. Oh, I thought maybe you got sick in there. Yeah, 'cause you know me- always vomiting in bowls and carrying it around my workplace...

  • I'm wacky that way.

  • It had to happen since the world is such a small place, but recently a patient was admitted to our clinic whose grandfather I cared for in hospice when he died. It was a good death and I was suited for the family and they responded well to me. The funny thing that stands out that I remember? One nurse refused to go there when she heard the address and another lied when she figured out where it was on the way and called off- saying her car broke down on the way and got herself replaced. The family even asked me if I was afraid to be there.

  • I like that things like this can still happen in this crazy, mixed up world we live in.

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Paxford said...

.... I thought Amityville was in New York? :D

(plucking out the only scary home name I can recall from the movies)