Thursday, March 1, 2012

He Said She Said

From a search for "he said she said photos"

The following is the transcript of a conversation between me and my friend.

She: I'm starting a vegan cleanse diet.
Me: That's nice.
She: It cleanses toxins.
Me: That's cool.
She: You think about it, animals are nasty.
Me: Yeah.
She: It cleanses the system.
Me after getting annoyed, starting to break down and allowing myself be drawn into her web of intrigue: You've been spending too much time on the Internet.
She: No, ______ told me about it.
Me: Drink more water, eat less and exercise more. The rest will take care of itself.
She: He's been doing it for years.
Me: Good for him.
She: He's a pretty smart guy.
Me: Whatever- he's not as smart as me.
She: Animals eat their own crap!
Me: Not the ones we eat.
She: It's Not right!
Me: What?
She: To eat animals.
Me: We were made to eat animals dum-dum.
She: How do you know that?
Me: Why else would they be so delicious?


The Donald said...

For as long as there are homo sapiens (some leaning more toward the homo than the sapiens) there will be nit-wits proposing this or that diet, and selling a ton of books and magazines in the process.

I'd recommend your friend to go to the Veldt and lecture Panthera leo, up close and personal, on his dining choices.

el chupacabra said...

Lulz, Don.