Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

    Those First World problems...

  • At the grocery store this evening I stepped aside for a woman who had only a couple of items while I had a basket full. Oh no, you go ahead she said. Oh, come on- I have probably 30 items- you have two. Please go. No, no- go ahead. OK I said, but I'm going to move really, really slow and take my time, you'll regret not passing me... while slowing my speech down and grabbing the first two items out of my cart in ultra slow motion. Are you a nurse? she asked. Yes I am. Thank you for you service to our community and our world. Thank you for saying that, it means a lot. What do you do? I asked. I work the desk at __________ agency. I mostly look good in skirts and heels and sound bubbly on the phone although today I'm not looking so hot. I've been lying around- sick.

  • A funny little moment in time.

  • I still like everything at Texas Style Chicken on Rosedale. I split a catfish dinner with my nursing buddy for lunch and we both had all we could stand.

  • Don't tell her, but I also got an 6 piece order of 'peno poppers and ate them all myself.

  • I oddly associate skin tags with grossness. When I found one on my neck did I wait until I saw my doc for something and have him burn it off? Did I dig a lance out of my first aid kit and cut it off my self safely and cleanly? No, I pinched it between my fingernails and ripped it off- simply could not stand the thought of it being on me a minute longer.

  • Polite War


RPM said...

Was the girl in line behind you a hottie? Because it sounds to me like she was cravin' a lil ChupaChup.

el chupacabra said...

R- Ha- I needed a laugh. Yeah, she was a cutie, but since she seemed interested in me- she obviously couldn't have been good enough for me!

Kathleen... said...

Ow!!!! My GF is skin-tag-phobic too. She keeps our derm in business, I swear.

You should've asked the girl at the grocery did, right??

The Donald said...

I don't ever remember having someone turn me down when I offer for them to go ahead, although usually I'm the recipient of the gesture because I have only a few items.

Had never heard that term before (skin tags) - didn't know what they were called.