Tuesday, March 27, 2012


      • This morning I saw a crayfish for the first time in a long time in Town Creek. It was a huge, fat red one.

      • Sunday (3252012) I sat on the porch of the double log cabin where George McCleskey was killed by Indians in 1873 and read 2 or 3 chapters from, A Cry Unheard- The Story Of IndianAttacks In and Around Parker County 1858 to 1872. It was one of the cooler things I've done in a while.

      • My buddy won't answer the door for me when I know he's there. I'm sure his dumb girlfriend is with him. He's going to get girl cooties for sure.

      • She went exploring with us and our kids one day. She found an arrow head (actually a small spear point). I've spent hundreds of hours there exploring, have looked for arrow heads all my life and have never found one.

      • Another day he with his children and me and Zac went for a hike. We took turns peeing on a fire ant mound.

      • What were we supposed to do?

      • At Sunshine Lake yesterday I walked along the concrete facing to the dam to keep my boots dry. This allowed me to quietly walk right right up on three sleeping ducks. They all had their bills over backs buried under a wing. One was standing on one leg. I guess he was the lookout, if so he was doing a terrible job. I was literally two feet away when he finally opened one eye and seemed to be focusing on me trying to decide if I was real or part of a weird dream caused by eating a bad batch of bugs or whatever.

      • I saw the largest red eared slider I've ever seen- really it had to be a record. Predictably I didn't have my camera.

      • People who ostensibly love the outdoors and throw their trash on the ground must literally be mentally ill.

      • Thank you for tuning into The Great Outdoors With Kev.

      • Ringo Deathstarr Summer Time

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