Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

    Since he's not dead he can't really roll over in his grave, but this may be enough to make Jarhead stroke out and die.

    • A good feeling: Kevin, we need you up front please. There's a crazy person up here and he's scaring us- a recent phone call from the front office.

    • It's waht's for breakfast- Zac wants a peanut butter and jam sandwich with both blackberry and strawberry jam.

    • I've had the Psychedelic Furs song Heartbreak Beat playing in my head for days.

    • Strangely poetic and moving, but somehow wrong clips of napalm, bombing and rocket runs from aircraft in Vietnam set to beautiful music.


    Kathleen... said...

    That's awesome.."we need you!" lol

    Blackberry jam is the BOMB.

    The Donald said...

    ... enough to make Jarhead stroke out and die.

    Wait, which one of them is Jarhead?