Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday's Summary

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  • The CI Roller Dude recently got me to thinking about my time amongst our beloved Marine Corp. One memory that jumped out: during a final briefing before roll out on a patrol the Marines we had been told to expect to be there were noticeably absent. Being the highly observant Soldiers we were- we brought this absence to the attention of the patrol leader. "Well, we talked to them about some of our expectations and they brought up some of theirs, so joint patrols are on hold for now." What it boiled down to was each side thought the other would get them killed and/or cause unnecessary civilian casualties. Also, there was a fear basic things like using different lingo would cause a breakdown leading to casualties. In the end we had a great time, did some cool stuff and made some memories.

  • A funny memory: The night before an early AM patrol I told a Marine corporal who was quizzing me about what to do and what to bring before his first patrol with us. As I ran my list down with him I said," Bring a coffee cup if you've got it. One of us usually jacks a bunch of donuts and we eat them and drink coffee while we check weapons and get comms up." He laughed- until he realised I was dead serious, then I thought he was going to vomit on me. Really, the color just drained from his face. He knew at that point I was going to be the one that got him killed. He later became my biggest supporter and one of my best Marine friends.

  • I may just give my bud my bike. A couple of weeks ago I tried to ride around the block. I ended up pushing it home and had trouble even getting out of bed for days afterward.

  • I'm trying a new anti-inflammatory. It helps a little, but oddly for the amount it helps has an onerous rebound affect- if I skip a dose I'm in agony.

  • Somebody gave my son a huge set of Biblical action figures. They're cool because it did get us talking about spiritual things and Bible history, but Godfuhgimme- they're lame.

  • My office is still terribly stark and plain- it gets compared to a jail cell.

  • When fall starts coming on I feel a little bummed. It's like a part of me knows my life is winding down- like summer and the best parts of my life are coming to an end. Oddly, though once winter cranks up- I feel great and I'm OK.

  • You spin me right round like a record...

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