Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's Missives

  • A patient came in this morning and asked me about the diagnosis and treatment of syphillis. Afterward he asked me to not tell his wife (who is also a patient). There are daily quandaries in being a public health nurse.

  • I never accept a bet- in any context no mater how minor. Gambling is a disease that starts small and ruins everybody it touches, but while arguing with a nursing buddy over something this morning I impulsively said, Yes to her taunt of, wanna bet? and then said, Breakfast, when she asked what the bet was.

  • At least now I can sleep in a little Monday and have breakfast brought to me in my office.

  • Of course I won't press my luck and rattle the ice in my glass while clearing my throat so she can hear me in her office when I need a refill of my drink.

  • There's been an uproar over a Marine scout sniper team using the German SS Runes symbol on a flag as their guidon in Afghanistan. The official position is now they used it in ignorance of it's origins and simply liked the font, intending it to represent Scout Sniper. Impossible, but yeah- OK, whatever.

  • I can barely breathe

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