Sunday, March 11, 2012


  • If you offer a drink to someone from a very primitive culture I see in my clinic frequently they'll take the can and drink the contents without ever letting their lips touch the can. I assume it may be because they're so used to drinking from a communal cup, but I'm not sure.

  • It's nothing these days for an SNL host to be somebody I've heard of, but have know idea who they are, however recently, at least twice there have been hosts whom I have no idea who or why they are and no idea what they do. Also, a recent musical guest was so terrible I thought her performance was a goof- part of a skit.

  • Zac wasn't here today (252012) to help with the laundry. The thought of doing it without his help was such a bummer I was tempted to wear dirty scrubs to work tomorrow and call it good, but they're washing now.

  • I tried to work hospice some Friday and Saturdays after my regular work hours, but it never worked out- a nurse was almost always needed for more than 2 nights and when I was offered something for those 1 or 2 nights I'd inevitably have Zac. For now those days are over I guess.

  • I miss it.

  • One of my favorite movies- Little Big Man

  • Wazzzzzzuuuuuuup!


RPM said...

If the SNL guest is somebody I've never heard of, I expect it to go badly.

el chupacabra said...

You're right and the musical guest I was speaking was Lana Del Ray- very weird. I heard her on the radio day before yesterday- impressively awful.

The Donald said...
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The Donald said...

I thought Ruben Moreno was Graham Greene at first.