Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Missives

  • The barstools of Onassis' yacht Christina O are covered in a leather made of the foreskin of a minke whale.

  • Seven Mary Three Cumbersome

  • I am not nearly as charitable as I've been in the past and it affects me negatively.

  • A story was just on the news about a Texas National Guard soldier who gave some lady he did not even know a kidney. My first thought? That is foolish- very foolish.

  • If we don't get some rain soon the air is going to burst into flames.

  • Update: we got some decent rain.

  • GF is sitting across from me painting her toes hot pink.

  • "I'm French! Why do you think I have this outrageous accent, you silly king?" I think while not the funniest movie ever- MPs Holy Grail definitely had it's moments.

  • I'm wearing a T shirt with a pic of the Black Knight and It's just a flesh wound! across the pic.

  • "Now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time."


Paxford said...



The Donald said...

Dead Minke whales?

Or just Jewish ones?

el chupacabra said...

Paxilicious- Ha! Leave it to you...

Don- Again- leave it to you... Sadly, something tells me the Minke whalesters were dead as doonails before the aforementioned foreskins adorned that yacht, but hey- their legacy lives on.

The Donald said...

I suppose the Minke whales don't get those annoying spam about "firmer, thicker - in just seven days" emails.

May have related this story before, but when my oldest (who just turned 19) was a toddler, we took him to the FTW zoo. As we were leaving, we passed the giraffe display. An adult pair, who apparently had just been soaking in their clawfoot bathtubs watching the sunset, were gettin' jiggy wit' it.

I was like Ray Stevens: "Don't look at that!" to my wife, but it was too late. But, Mr. Giraffe, I r-e-s-p-e-c-t you, sir!

As if I didn't have enough to depress me...