Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Dispatch

  • Something I nearly hate about myself: I cannot remember the name of my company commander in Iraq. I can only recall his very derogatory nic name.

  • Zachary is sick so I have him. I have a weird thing about him when he is sick. In a sense, I worry less- between his older siblings and my nursing experience, I pretty well know what to do to get him better, but I'm somehow more fearful- as if I'll lose him since he's the baby.

  • He's wearing Transformers underwear.

  • He pronounces underwear, wunnerwears.

  • From alcohol and cigarette abuse to bad food, to sedentary lifestyles, we have a medical system that no matter what else you believe about access thereof, allows us to live longer than ever before- in spite of ourselves.

  • Whenever I'm sick I always take a store brand Nyquil type product and when I've had to give up and go to the doc I always get griped out about it by him. I'm still a believer in it though if not contraindicated. For cold or flu I take Nyquil eat chicken soup drink OJ and rest.

  • Oh, and sometimes tomato soup and grilled cheese are on the menu.

  • Mmmmm cheesy and soupy.

  • Ace Guillen musical standup time travels back to the 90s.


Paxford said...

Poke! - Spider Monkey Dude??

Did you just win a hat over on my blog? (being one of four K's I know.. it's possible :D)

Contact me please


el chupacabra said...

Paxilicious- if you check back here I'll look at your blog later (I'm at work- lil brother is watching) and look for your email. Your blog won't let me comment under my sign in anymore.
That hat is seriously cool!

Paxford said...

(paxford AT gmail DOT com)

Kathleen... said...

My Dad is a diehard Nyquil fan too. [blech] The stuff tastes awful!

Hope Zac is batter...."unnerwears." Too cute!