Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Some days you're the African clawed frog- others you're the mouse.

  • 2005, the year I spent in Iraq was the first year the insurgents had learned enough, civil unrest was widespread enough and the US was catching up enough for things to be really, really bad all over. I simply cannot wait to read Michael Yon's book Iraq Inside The Inferno 2005 - 2008.

  • Most recent, funny, sideways compliment I received: You sure are smart. You've got a lot of brains in that big ole head of yours.

  • Hellyeah You wouldn't Know.

  • In another life an old acquaintance's wife was a stripper as was her sister. He proposed an idea once to us once that we extend their front porch into a stage, buy some kegs and get the girls to bring other girls out and have some kind of strip fest or whatever. Call me an old fashioned dude, but where I come from seeing a friends wife strip is usually grounds for getting killed. "Oh, come on it will be cool!" he said. No, I'm sorry- that's very, very far from cool. Interestingly, I only remember those girls by their stage names.

  • After riding in a car for hours this weekend listening to today's vapid, vacuous pop music I cannot be blamed for coming alive and dancing and singing to Biggie Smalls Hypnotize, even though it kind of freaked out the two teenagers riding in same said car.

  • Fred Gwynne as well as some other well known actors are buried in unmarked graves.


The Donald said...

That looks like Jabba's little cousin.

I have a friend who did a couple of tours - her unit was one that assisted the ABC newsman after his vehicle was blown up by an IED.

Kathleen... said...

Toads/frogs eat mice?? Holy sh*t. But then again, I don't know which is toads do eat a lot of bugs...but I scream when I come across them in the garden.....

You? And Biggie Smalls? lol!

Iraq is just so frightening to me. I always want to run up and hug anyone I see in desert camo.

Kathleen... said...

I cannot get over how gross that pic is....[oofph]