Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

  • There was an ad this morning for a new History Channel show called You Don't Know Dixie. There was a guy who when referring Southern foods said,"My momma's fried chicken could bring peace to the Middle East." I think about my mom's often. It's still the best I ever ate in my life. It would literally melt in your mouth and when she took requests it would fire us up and we'd jump up and down and squeal, "Fried chicken!"

  • She made a pretty mean chicken fried steak though also. I think her secret ingredient for both was Crisco- straight up lard.

  • It's sweet though how I can think of her chicken out of the blue and think of it every single time I eat it anywhere today.

  • We focus way too much on negative things- shows about theoretical disasters, shows about real disasters, the end of the world this and apocalypse that. A lot of them are specifically intended to wake people up, but I'm not sure our minds work that way. It seems more likely to paralyse with fear. It may also make us more likely to abdicate responsibility and turn resolutions over to the government and activistic people and organizations.

  • I missed the sprinkle of rain we got yesterday and was genuinely bummed out.

  • Wonder why we don't plan for droughts and use the low water levels to dredge out impoundments that need it? Instead, we fret and bellyache. Smart people would have money set aside and have contractors in mind that do the work. Mechanical dredging won't work everywhere, but in the places it would, it's not like we don't expect droughts to happen.

  • The new job is great, but there's just sooo much to learn. Sooooo much pressure.

  • Blink 182 I Miss You

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RPM said...

"...set money aside"

LOL, politicians not spend a surplus. That's a good one.