Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday's Summary

    Bose Ikard- the former Weatherford resident who was the inspiration for the character of Deets in Lonesome Dove. I visit his grave on occasion.

  • There is a product being advertised on television as I write this that is unsurpassed in ridiculousness. It's called Quillow and is a pillow that transforms into a blanket. Among other problems having a thing that transforms into another that 90% of the time is needed with the first state of the product is at the very best plain odd and I think I'm being generous with that assessment. It would be like having a boat that tranforms into a boat trailer.

  • They'll sell eleventy billion of those things.

  • This was mentioned in another post, but on a news program the other day Trenton New Jersey was referred to as "the poorest and the blackest city in the US." That statement mesmerizes me and I'm not sure why.

  • "The squirrels deceptiveness will be directly in proportion to the perceived threat to his nuts."- what they just said on Animal Planet's Most Extreme show.

  • The new job starts Tuesday.

  • Taking away the last bit of faith I have in a person is quite a feat, but somebody did it recently and that is OK- you live and learn. I can't even invest enough of myself in them to be civil or be ugly- I'm indifferent to the person. It's weird, the nothing I feel.

  • The commercial for the show Hillbilly Handfishin' shows a guy in the water putting a woman between himself and a snake while screaming like a little girl. There are lots of things I have to live with myself over in this world- throwing a female between myself and something I perceive as dangerous will never be one of them. I'd literally rather die and if I did violate that thought and act like that guy, I'd leave the woman in stark shame and begin a spirit quest in search of a little honor.

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RPM said...

Don't knock the quillow. I didn't know they were selling them on TV but I got a handmade one as a gift about 20 years ago and still use it. The pocket is perfect for your feet.