Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday's Dispatch

    Todd Rundgren - another Rock great who you assumed was someone else since you like at least a couple of his songs a lot, but thought Rundgren only did that weird experimental stuff..

  • Todd Rundgren Hello It's Me Among some other interesting trivia related to him Liv Tyler was raised the first 9 years of her life believing Todd was her father. The idiot who shot Lennon had a weird obsession with Rundgren and laid out some of his tapes in a pattern on the dresser in his hotel room before he left to kill Lennon. Rundgren played a guitar which Eric Clapton had played in Cream before giving it to George Harrison who subsequently loaned it to Jackie Lomax who sold it to Rundgren for 500.00.

  • Yes, I'm talking about Sunny if you know anything about guitars.

  • To be filed under simply knew this was going to happen somewhere- some time: at a patients house a pharmacy driver pulled up and seeing someone in front of the house said,"I have medicine here for ______ can you tell me where I can find ________ or ________ to sign for it? Well, I'm ______. OK then, sign right here please." As you can guess- no one has any idea who the person was that signed for the meds or where said meds ended up.

  • 60 Morphine 60 mg extended release tabs. Morphine instant release liquid and a bottle of Ativan 2 mg tabs- in case you're wondering. That stuff is nothing for a novice to be messing around with and the theft of same is probably quite self limiting. I'd watch for someone known in that circle to have an overdose- lethal or otherwise.

  • One of my hospice patients was once an NFL cheerleader. The last words I heard her say were, "I want some ice cream. You want some ice cream? Doesn't that sound gooood?" She then exhausted herself knocking back nearly half a gallon of cookie dough ice cream.

  • She got added pretty quickly to the list of patients I'll never forget.

  • My eldest is now officially a back up singer for the band. They say he's a natural screamer.

  • After multiple attempts at taking the high road- he takes after his dad.


Kathleen... said...

I was telling my Mom about you yesterday. I'll bet you're in a lot of tender memories in the families of your patients. Thanks for the advice you've given me. I'll probably hit ya up for more before it's all over.....

And btw, have a beautiful weekend!

el chupacabra said...

Kathleen- Any time. Thanks a bunch for all your encouragement. Been working a lot so Zac and I are going to find something big to do with our time off.

The Donald said...

Rundgren - probably one of the most influential people in rock music that most people don't know much about (I didn't know about the guitar thing). It's amazing the artists and projects he's been involved with.

IMO, his best recording is the reflective/elegiac It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference, with Hello... tying with Can We Still Be Friends? for second place. Alison Kraus does an awesome, mesmerizing cover, featuring some cool dobro:

el chupacabra said...

Hey Don- Watched that vid.- very good. Hello It's Me had the same kind of influence. On the yoochoobs you find covers by Isley Brothers, Mary J Blige (crazy good) and John Legend et al.