Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday's Missives

    I dig this pic from a Next Blog button foray.

  • A friends teen age daughter when she's in a mood to freak her mom out will come up behind her when she's cooking or otherwise has her hands full and nuzzle her neck and start rubbing her arms and moaning like- well, you know. She'll then say things like,"Oh, you're so hot. I want you so baddddd." To which mom responds, "!%$#@! ________, you freak me out with that! Will you stop?" This will of course cause said teenager to lay it on even thicker, causing said mom to lose it and dishes and/or food to go flying and mom to then start trying to direct physical violence against the teen. I do not then make matters worse by rolling on the floor in laughter with the other teenagers.

  • Funny. Wrong, but funny.

  • Now that I've decided to give my aquarium away Zachary has suddenly taken an interest in it. What are the odds?

  • I think an aquaintence's wife thinks less of him that he did not reenlist after the Afghanistan and Iraq wars started. It's just an intuitive observation, but I think I am right- simply could not live with myself were that me and it has caused me to look at him completely different.

  • To be filed under pretty much everything you think you know about history is wrong: Edgar Allen Poe has a reputation as a drunken, crazy, drug addict. There may be some truth to each at various times and in various ways in his life, but the same could be said for many people- famous or otherwise who just the mention of the person does not make us think, Drunk. Crazy. Drug addict. Everything you think you know about him in relation to these characteristics was written by a man who hated his guts in life and became his biographer after his death.

  • If you don't believe me- go look it up. I'll wait.

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