Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

The masters of hammockry

  • Women are like rivers- they meander without purpose. They flood their banks out of control and without reason and cause destruction. Men we're like like lakes. We have depth... I glanced over at the guy he was abusing with his retarded diatribe and he looked at me as if to say, If you had a soul and a gun you would shoot one of us in the head- and at this point I don't care which one you choose. I snickered and kept walking.
  • The previous bullet is from the, Overheard at Scarborough 2014 file.
  • There were passable (but expensive) gyros to be had there.

  • That place makes a literal fortune. I busted a 100 dollar bill in the butt within 2 hours and my eldest used some of her own money and I was trying to keep spending low.
  • There is a guy who is always there whose character is way more gay looking than he ever intended or would admit,
  • No, I'm not being rude and using the term gay to mean lame- I just mean he looked super gay- like a gay superhero and there is no way that was his intention.
  • The birds of prey show continues to inspire me like few things in this ole world. The director always calls a young person up, gives them a call to duty and a medallion and sends them on their way to change the world or whatever. Sunday 05/18/2014 his young charge nearly fell out from the heat and nerves- she was white as a sheet.

  • Saxon Moon was great- trancelike music that I could listen to for hours. I don't know how legit it is to the time period but it is really, really good.
  • Barring being out of the park completely our parking spot nearly could not have been further from the entrance.
  • After we left we stopped for drinks at the Sonic. There was a kid behind us in line who was furiously smoking dope all the way to the pick up window. I tried to get it on video but haven't checked yet to see how it worked.
  • There have been cars from 5 different states in the parking lot over my last 2 visits.
  • It occurred to me as we watched the belly dance show that one of the dancers is a stripper in another life. I don't know where that idea came from and I may be wrong but  wouldn't be shocked to learn it is true.

  • Funnel cake was on the menu for the first time in my life. Well, to be more correct I tried for the first time as I recall- I may have tried it before.
  • Verdict: it is all that is right and horribly wrong with America- and it may have come from somewhere else.


The Donald said...

I don't think they were those particular hammocks, but Daughter and I were quite enchanted with the ones - maybe they were sling chairs - at a shop perhaps 150 yards south from the entrance gate, along the eastern boundary.

The Donald said...

The third (not pirate guy - wassup with him?) dude's Hindu hat is way cool - I could use one of those, like when I get a bad haircut.

Also really dig the Falconer's boots - def stylin'!

The belly dancer chicks need a little workout on the Ab Blaster, no?