Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday's Situation

  • The Malay jet shot down over Ukraine had 100+ AIDS researchers aboard. That will cause a furor like nothing else- literally less fallout would have occurred if it was full of orphan babies.
  • Back to the Malaysian airliner- the Russkies may not quit until they get us in a shooting war.
  • OK, I wanted to see that in print. No, they don't want a war but they do want to show their rear ends and get away with it. That has led to wars in the past.
  • Thankfully we're much more evolved today.
  • Recently I was the subject of a power play at work. Somebody who didn't like me as much as they should tried to get me to move out.
  • They don't know me as well they thought. I get it- I'm too nice for my own good. I seem malleable and a pushover- I'm not. Well, OK yes maybe I am in ways but I have limits.
  • What did I do? Well, first without making a big deal of it I took stock and made an honest improvement on legitimate shortcomings. Without walking on egg shells I haven't been giving anybody any excuses and finally I cultivated allies and reinforced old alliances
  • .zzzzzzzzxsz 
  • Sorry about that FGs dumb cat is helping.
  • Another kind of funny thing: I sat down in my office and said to myself, Selfdo you like it here? No, not always but most often I do- yes and if nothing else I do like to eat and I have a weird thing stuck in my mind where money is tied to food and the other things I need and money is tied to a job so yeah- I think I'll stay.
  • Then closing my door and taking a deep breath I wrapped my legs around my chair and hooked my arms across my desk and imagined the meaners trying to physically drag me out of the place against my will.
  • They couldn't do it.
  • Jedi mind tricks.

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