Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday's Missives

  • Some time ago after a bunch of bills, having to buy a car, my contract work slowing down a little and a move etc. I found myself standing in a grocery store with my son having to decide between which was the cheapest of products, what would feed us best and the longest and tell him he couldn't have anything extra he asked for- I was ashamed. But really, I knew it would be very temporary and things could have been way worse. The first thing I thought was, there are people who have to make these decisions every day and not only those, but do I pay this bill or that? Do I eat or buy my medicine?

  • I'm OK with being bald, but would like to have had great hair, I think it helps you a lot socially.

  • Goatee, soul patch, Fu Manchu, chin beard and shaved in the middle mustache with two ends left (whatever that is called): different permutations of facial hair I've had through the years.

  • The Crystal Method Keep Hope Alive.


Opus #6 said...

I like the part about "essential sugars" in the pic. Hilarious! And the mom and kid are really attractive.

There was a gal standing on the median holding a sign yesterday. A driver gave her money out of the car window. She jumped up and down for joy and sprinted across 5 lanes of stopped traffic straight to the Carl's Jr. Her young face was sunburned.

It's a different time we live in.

el chupacabra said...

Lady O- The craziest thing is- the ad is genuine!
I always want to help those in need, but have my doubts about how much we help throwing money out to folks like that.

Doc Feelgood said...

Chupa - I have the same thoughts and doubts. I, too, wish to help, but at what point does it become what the drug counselors and others call "enabling behavior"? I believe our society is deeply into that today, and it has the same effect as it does on the chemically dependent.

el chupacabra said...

Doc- your right and multiple cities in the US have if not banned the practice of roadside beggary outright, offered alternatives with outreach to those in need and educating would be do-gooders.
I'm more likely to help older people away from cities where there are probably less services.

The Donald said...

Cola and little chocolate donuts - breakfast of champions!