Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday's Digressions

  • As my mom was dying she hallucinated Robert Duvall and John Wayne arguing over her. At first the Duke was in the house and Duvall was outside and they were trash talking each other, then the Duke crawled out the window and they started fighting in the backyard. At first of course she thought it was real, then thought it absurdly hilarious and would retell the story and laugh until she was breathless.

  • I'm very sure I'd be one of the few pool owners who would get my money's worth out of it.

  • I've never grilled fish.

  • When I was living in the country near Decatur as a kid we had some terribly poor elderly neighbors. The wife of the couple would take every fish, bird, frog, squirrel or rabbit I'd bring to her and clean, cook and eat it with her husband. It only struck me today- they needed what I brought them for food- not just to have something different.

  • The most disturbing pillow fight you'll see all day- Cerebral Ballzy- Junkie For Her.

  • The concept of muscle memory fascinates me. I think this is mostly because it's an easy theory to discount until you experience it. The most dramatic illustration I've ever experienced was when I started riding a bicycle again after 20 years off. The last bicycle I'd had (which I literally put thousands of miles on) had a brake lever going across the top of the handlbar which was unusual. The next bike I rode 20 years later did not have this feature and it's a wonder I did not get get killed constantly reaching for it to stop.

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