Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Dispatch

    Edna Rush and Olga Joy Washington DC May 6,1925. Ladies, you rawked- I wish we could have hung out.

      • Harry Nilsson- Without You. Nilsson was your favorite singer/songwriter that you had no idea who he was (or vaguely assumed was someone else familiar). This is one of my favorite songs of his and really all songs of all time- and it has been so since I was a boy.

      • Where the law office is near the old Red's barber shop on the square in Decatur TX used to be a movie theater and to the rear of it after it closed was a pool hall/arcade called Sweets.

      • I know the former locations of at least 3 other pool halls in Decatur.

      • My dad took me to every one when I was little. It was like Mayberry with whiskey breath, the air thick with cigarette smoke and pistols sticking out of boot tops.

      • You think I'm kidding.

      • Der ist eine sauerkrauten in meine leiderhosen!- last text message I received.

      • May have a new- very good job. Someone called me out of the blue and asked if I was available and said,"We might have something coming up for you soon."

      • When you're awesome, raw and cool as me, that happens.

      • I've never been very good at yo-yo, but have always enjoyed picking one up now and again. Zachary is swinging one wildly over his head right now. I've warned him of the dangers of same 2 times. The next one is on him- it will be a hard lesson, but one that will stick I suppose. My brother could do every crazy trick in the world with one- it was mesmerizing when I was a little boy to watch him.

      • Foo Fighters Let It Die

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      Engineer said...

      Me and my Arrow
      Straighter than narrow
      Wherever we go, every one knows
      It's me and my Arrow

      Thanks Harry, miss ya. You always got The Point!