Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caturday Thoughts

  • I'll look up something in the dictionary if I don't know what it means, but will almost always try to put it the back of my mind to try and first figure it out by context first.

  • My best friend and I have knowledge that counterweights the other based on experience, training and education. We hardly ever argue, even in a good natured way over our individual knowledge base- an answer to the other's question is as good as gold. We've never discussed this, but I know he's feel the same.

  • Last phone call I received: "Kevin there's a snake in my house. Can you go do something about it?" One day my luck will run out and I'll get a call like that and grab a handful of black mamba some idiot collector let loose...

  • Liam Neeson is almost always better as a strong character actor rather than lead.

  • "Dad, want to swim over there and talk to those girls?" And then later as he drug a girl over to the side of the pool as she clung to her floaty, "I had to bring her over here to the side- she was getting water in her mouth."

  • Two different people visiting other states have called me to report rain or in one case text me pictures of same.

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