Saturday, August 27, 2011


  • Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros The Redemption Song.

  • Two things everybody should promise themselves- I mean they should make a pact with God and their significant others: If experiencing chest pain they should stop what they're doing, take an aspirin and go to the hospital and if they experience signs or symptoms of cancer again, stop what they're doing and call their doc.

  • My work is contract so I never know when I'll get offered shifts- it may be at 6 in the morning for a day shift, 1 in the morning to finish a night or 3 in the afternoon for a case to start the following day. Recently two separate times helping two separate friends with something I have missed cases- that means not only that days shift, but whatever else I would have gotten out of the case. Yikes, I hate to think how much that cost.

  • But I am- for even relatively short term-ish cases it would be a couple grand easy.

  • I am a very good friend.

  • Nicky D's burgers in Crowley are very good. My friend offered to take me there yesterday acting like he was offering something special. I thought he said,"Micky Ds". Not only that, but I distinctly heard,"great burgers and best in the world" in the same sentence that I thought he said,"Micky Ds"

  • Really? Are you pulling my leg?

  • America what a country: I know at least two people who pretty frequently leave the front door open while sitting on the front porch to allow a cool breeze from the A/C.

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Kathleen... said...

You know, I love my cats & have kept cats for 25 years, but cat-dress-up people? Plastic surgery to resemble a cat people? The pic of your cat people?

Creep. Me. Out.