Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday's Situation

    From a zombie walk in Mexico City. I guess this was done for the benefit of Mexican people who don't know what decomposing bodies littering the streets looks like- both of them.

  • Translating womanspeak: A woman says to you," You could do so much better than me." Translation- I could do so much better than you.

  • How was your day? After a sigh and a deep inhalation she said, "Well, for starters _______ walked out bawling without saying anything. I said,"What's wrong with her?" Well, she's pregnant. Then, _________ wouldn't help with anything. _______ is a mess since her boyfriend left..."

  • After that, I could see her mouth moving, but I couldn't hear a word she said.

  • It's going to be up to me to get my eldest to Army training the next session.

  • Zachary found a cicada in the pool and brought it in the house. I assumed it was dead until I leaned against the counter it was lying on 8 hours later while I was talking to my friend and the stupid thing started trying to right itself by grasping my arm.

  • No- I did not squeal like a little girl.

  • NIN Every Day Is Exactly The Same

  • My friend and I are very dependant on each other. Last night he text me at near midnight, Hey man are you still up? I felt awful that I was already long gone for this world and did not even see the message until this morning.


RPM said...

No- I did not squeal like a little girl.


el chupacabra said...

R- Ha! Couldn't help myself. I didn't know it was there, it could have been a snake. Regardless, zombie bugs are still pretty creepy and squeal worthy.

Jarhead said...

I love zombies. Zombie humans, not zombie bugs.

"Aaaaaaarmy training, SIR!!"

I would have squealed. Don't mind snakes. Hate bugs. Especially big crunchy zombie ones.

Carry on.

The Donald said...

Probably like having a covey of quail flush underfoot - when you're not even out hunting them.

Gia's Spot said...

Off topic..(pssst Chup, there was no Internet in 1964 so what exactly were you pervaying?) Just a randon question from a bored Dispatcher stalking your page.....