Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Missives

  • Something I really want to get done before I die is get dropped off in the outdoors somewhere and spend the night with just what I can carry. It wouldn't have to be some bug eating, urine drinking, death defying survival situation- just build a fire, put up a hammock or a tent, eat some jerky and dried fruit and watch the stars...

  • Zac loves to watch documentaries for the sake of learning. I love that about him.

  • I have never really cared for U2 or The Rolling Stones.

  • I have always liked The Cure.

  • Zombie by The Cranberries came out in 1994, so it has been one of my favorite songs for most of 20 years.

  • If posts here ever seem out of order you can look at the tags box and there will usually be a date/time group for when it was composed.

  • We saw a corn snake at Sunshine Lake last Saturday. It was very healthy and pretty looking and measured about 2 feet long making it about 1 year old. I resisted the urge to catch it and let Zac look at it up close- I've done that before with other species which is good, but I also think he should know- you don't just go scooping up a handful of snake every time you stumble across one. It was the first I'd seen in the wild.

  • Stupid: private citizens having cobras and other dangerous non native reptiles. Stupider: not keeping them secured. Retarded: releasing non native animals into the wild.


Paxford said...

It really boggles me when I hear news reports of "giant anaconda found in USA suburb".

We usually don't worry too much about illegal imported species of snakes here - the local ones seem rather adept at snacking (snaking?) on the newbies


el chupacabra said...

Paxilicious- You're right, in fact Florida's non native problem which has been insane for a while just insane-er. They're finding breeding African rock pythons- very aggressive and they are more cold tolerant so will continue to spread Northward.
Ha, bet the taipans (otherwise known as fierce snake) and other nasties you've got down there would make short work of outsiders...
Take care- keep up the good work.
You rawk.

Doc Feelgood said...

When I was 36 yr. old (long ago), I climbed a mountain in Colorado in November w my father-in-law and his twin brother (they both had been doing it for years). We separated shortly after lunch, each going to their own ridge top. We could all see the peak the others were on, but were too far apart to make out a person. I stayed alone for 5 nights, ate cheese, candy bars, and Lipton's cup-o-soup that I boiled snow to reconstitute with my little whisper-lite burner. I only carried one liter of fuel. I was cold, but developed ideas to become more comfortable every day. I brought home a 6x6 bull elk that I shot on the 5th day, and packed out the next. He hangs on the den wall today. I only went with them that one time, and I would not trade for the experience. One night won't do what several will. The thoughts and dreams that came to me were amazing, and I still remember most. I was surprised at the biblical scripture that would pop into my head. I would have given anything to have had a pocket New Testament with me. I highly recommend it for you, even if it is just one night.